A Few Bad Wedding Jokes

I would like to present a few bad wedding jokes on the precipice of a wedding I will be attending Friday:


  • “Why do I need to go to this rehearsal dinner? I know how to eat dinner.”


  • “If this other guy’s the best man, why is she marrying the dude who cuts the dog’s hair?”


  • From my sister to the bride: “Good thing you’re having this wedding before Labor Day so you can wear white.”


(If the wedding is on a Friday)

  • Loved one:  “I’ll see you Friday.”
  • Me: “Probably.”

I like to put across an air of mystery.


  • “The priest said you can’t have alcohol on your breath when you get married. He said nothing about cocaine on the nose.”

And if you don’t like ’em, this is a free blog.

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