Back on the Mic

I am happy to announce that I am adding to my growing collection of part-time jobs.

I will be the public address announcer for Fox Chapel Area football this season. Friday night lights, I am about to ruin you.

Time for a bit of background. My job when I was attending Fox Chapel was public-address-announcer-slash-music-player for many sports: volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse and women’s basketball among them. It was just about the perfect high school job. I lived right by the school, got to watch all the games for free and do what I love — talking in a really low voice.

Note: My favorite name to announce was a boy’s volleyball player named — and this is true — Ronnie Seman. Spelled just the way you think it would tickle a high schooler announcing volleyball. You’re the best, Ronnie.

But one sport I didn’t get to announce was football. The big time! The thousands of fans in the crowd. The big stadium speakers. The students barely paying attention or have been drinking too much — too much Sprite, of course — to care.

Fox Chapel High Stadium

My office for four Friday nights this fall.

I’ll admit I am quite nervous. I need to get used to the pace and the calls for football games. It is new territory for me. Luckily, I get a spotter. And I get to see the teachers with whom I worked as a high schooler.

I can’t wait for 7:00 p.m. Friday. And if you’re in the area of Fox Chapel, I would love to see you there. Come up to the press box and say “hi!”

Suck it, Thomas Wolfe. You can go home again. And sometimes, you come even closer to where you belong.

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